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Handcrafted Popcorn

Whether you are in need of a simple everyday snack or you need a tasty treat that everyone will love for a birthday party, popcorn is an easy and satisfying solution. Our delicious popcorn comes in so many flavor varieties, from fancy popcorn to unique popcorn flavors, that will wow and impress even the fussiest of tastes, and it’s all popped and seasoned to perfection.

We specialize in handmade popcorn, so we take great care in making sure that all flavored popcorn we produce is not only delicious, but also of the highest quality. Just because a snack is as wonderfully simple as popcorn doesn’t mean that we don’t take it seriously. Further, our small-batch popcorn is available in multiple sizes, from regular bags and holiday tins to 1- and half-gallon bags of popcorn. So, when you start craving flavors that only quality gourmet popcorn can satisfy, turn to Arkansas Popcorn Company to be your online source for the most delicious popcorn around, delivered right to you!

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gourmet cheddar madness-popcorn Cheddar Madness Popcorn

It's Infused With Cheddar Cheese!! #winning

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet white cheddar popcorn White Cheddar Popcorn

Our MOST Popular Flavor. You. Must. Try. This. Flavor!!!!

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet spicy cajun popcorn Spicy Cajun Popcorn

Popped In A Cajun Broil Seasoning - Infused

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet salt and vinegar popcorn Arkansas Queso

Salt with Vinegar - Very Addictive

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet cinnamon roll frosting popcorn Cinnamon Roll Frosting Popcorn

Kids LOVE This One

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet dill pickle popcorn Dill Pickle Popcorn

Classic Dill Pickle Seasoning - Customer Favorite!

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet jalapeno popper popcorn Jalapeño Popper Popcorn

Cheddar Cheese with Real Jalapeño Powder. - Winner - Peoples Choice 2017*

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
chicago steakhouse popcorn Chicago Steakhouse Popcorn

Savory, Salty, Steakhouse Flavor - Very Popular Flavor!!

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet candied caramel popcorn Candied Caramel Popcorn

Caramel cooked to perfection, then we dump large popcorn pops into the hot caramel.

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
handmade buttered popcorn Handmade Buttered Popcorn

Huge pops of buttery salty popped popcorn in a resealable one gallon bag.. The BEST butter popcorn EVER!!

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet spicy white cheddar popcorn Spicy White Cheddar Popcorn

"Cooked in a Cajun broil seasoning, then we dump white cheddar cheese on top while it's still warm. My Favorite" - Casey Millspaugh, Owner Arkansas Popcorn*

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet loaded baked potato popcorn Loaded Baked Potato Popcorn

Tastes like a wonderful cheesy loaded baked potato. So addictive.

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet strawberry frosting popcorn Strawberry Frosting Popcorn

Strawberry frosting powder tumbled over the warm light puffed corn. Pairs beautifully with a cup of coffee.

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
gourmet candied chocolate popcorn Candied Chocolate Popcorn

Chocolate glazed popcorn puffs, tastes like a double chocolate brownie.

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00
kettle corn popcorn Kettle Corn Popcorn

Real Kettle Cooked Corn with Salt and Sugar!!! Old School Style!

1 Gallon Bag - $8.00