Arkansas Popcorn Company is local to Arkansas and Manufactured in Fort Smith, AR at an old historic bread factory. The Shipley Bread Bakery

We began business in January 2016.

Our mission is to be THE popcorn company of Arkansas.


- Offering 15 varieties of UNIQUE popcorn flavors!!

- Comes in 1 gallon RE-SEALABLE bags!!

- Stays fresh for 100+ days no food preservatives!!


We currently distribute our bags of popcorn through delivery routes, retail rack locations, and the internet. We are not your typical popcorn company, We offer a variety of 15 unique, bold popcorn flavors pre-packaged in 1 gallon re-sealable bags.


Our popcorn is different than what you are used to. We use mushroom popcorn for all our flavors, these are huge pops of corn instead of the small butterfly pops you are used to. It offers a beautiful crunch and is super fun to eat. It is typically only used for caramel but we repurposed it.


We use a paste flavoring for each flavor. For example, our cheddar is made with real cheddar cheese powder mixed with sunflower oil and then we pour it onto freshly popped corn. It infuses the corn with cheese and makes a perfectly coated piece of corn.


Our black resealable bags are special. It is a seven-layer foil bag that is typically used for coffee beans. Instead, we put popcorn in it which offers superior freshness. Up to 140 days of freshness with no food nitrogen or any preservatives. We spend a little extra on the bag for freshness and a beautiful presentation.


Thanks for considering our popcorn!! I look forward to shipping you some bags of popcorn!!


If you want to know more just shoot us a message or check out our Facebook page!!!